The Tesla Gimmick

Produce a seemingly endless amount of coins from your bare hands.

A true Miser's Dream!

The underground utility device of the 90's is back!
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At the end of last century, the Englishman Geoffrey Cooper devised the gimmick that would later become one of magic's most sought after secrets. Only 52 version were made and each gimmick was handcrafted and numbered.


In accordance with Cooper's descendants, we are now able to reproduce a limited amount of Tesla gimmicks for a selected few to purchase.


In order to get this you have to

  1. be 18 years or older
  2. agree not to share the method by contract
  3. agree not to resell! We take back the gimmick and refund the whole price - shipping not included

If you order a copy, please note that each copy is numbered and registered to your name.


But that is not all. We give you a free addition to the Tesla Gimmick that opens up more effects. The late Geoffrey Cooper had written about the addition in private correspondance and even made a functional prototype. We gave that prototype to one of the leading mechanics in Europe and he altered the design so it is virtually invisible.


The additional features allow you to expand on the original.


  • produce a seemingly endless amount of coins (up to 40 dollar sized coins) and finish with a jumbo coin
  • use any coins up to dollar size
  • instead of a coin you can load billets (mentalist will see the possibilities)
  • vanish different sized coins, loading them into the gimmick allowing you to reproduce them cleanly one by one in any order that you wish
  • the angle issue of the original has been taken care of, you can do it close up now
  • no more noise
  • makes you feel like James Bond

All 90 units have been sold! If one of them gets returned it will be available for purchase again. Check back later!