Who is that bloke?

Apparently my person seems to lead to deluding speculations. I got emails of people writing me that I'm elusive. If they look for me in various search engines they find nothing except some guy doing my card tricks. Well I got some news for you: There's a world outside the Internet! I'm usually there. Doing magic for people who happen to be not online. Some magicians even fabulate stories of me not existing and being a fictional character. Humbug I say... all of that is flimflam!

Here is the truth: I'm a guy who loves magic and card tricks. That's my obsession, the subject of my whole existence. If you can live with that, there is no need to further debunk any claims of validity towards my true motivation. 

Anyhow if you love magic as well... well more correctly: BOLD magic. Then here I am for you. Offering the world what I have.